I used to live with my mum in our old house that more looked like a ruin. I with my mother lived alone in the house. Neighborhood rarely talked. After father’s death, we were shaken and broken financially and internally also. My mother didn’t know how to run our lives and we were looking for support which we didn’t get. Then my mother started sewing the dresses for neighbors like curtains, sarees, blouses and other stuff, for which mum received pennies. Though it was enough to run our livelihood. We were only two at that time in the family. I continued my schooling and also helped my mother in sewing. She was pretty much excellent in this art and with the continuous effort she had become perfect. With time she was receiving a good amount of time and started to save also for my education.

A little bit reconstruction we did for our house which started to look nicer than before. In my free time after school I used to make sketches, drawing, and painting, and sometimes did the whole sewing for my mother. She was becoming old slowly and a disease also had grabbed her.

Whatever scraps left of clothes, I designed my clothes with them especially my tops and lowers that I used to wear at home. My tops everyone liked in the neighborhood and early I started to earn money through it. I provided on demand supply for my friends who lived in the neighbor and relatives.  At that time I started to around 5000 a month and it was great pocket money for me. Although I didn’t spend anything from it while saved it for my higher education. I wanted to go to a foreign university for study, which you know costs a lot amount of money but I was decided that I wanted to go. I wanted to study fashion and everything related to it. Working for my mother and designing various clothes for me, my interest grew in the fashion art. I wanted to learn it deeply and aesthetically. I applied to a university in London gave my test of English language and aptitude one. With flying colors I want to tell you “I passed it”. That moment was one of the best moments of my life that I still cherish. I got the chance to study fashion at the London College of Fashion.

Under the world’s finest teachers I learned everything related to this art. Even though I perhaps don’t want to ask it but I want to tell you that my one of the best movies is Phantom Thread by PT Anderson.

After doing my course I came to India and did a job as a fashion assistant to a Bollywood famous designer. I was fed up of doing assisting. So I left the job and started to design my own clothes with my mother. I want to tell you though my mother was not a degree holder but most experienced person in my team which knows every inch about sewing, threads, machines and all. With my mother, I designed outfits for women, girls, and men like lehengas, latest blouses designs, round collar coats, and others. In the starting, no one wanted to promote my designs so I started to sell through online channels. With time, my designs got famous among people and soon an international fashion label approached me for presentation.

Oh! the second happiest moment of my life. Now I am running my own fashion label ‘Kriti’, which means creation. I forgot to tell my name. My name is Anuradha Williams, a fashion designer and all that I want to be. At the end I want to say if you have guts you can achieve what you want to. It really happens if you try whole heartedly